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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Iraqi election, in California

Iraqi polling place, parliamentary election, El Cajon, CA, USA

Many things have been said about the manner of entry of the US into a war in Iraq, about the conduct of that war, and the like. I've said a few myself. But at least one good thing seems to have come from this war, and not a small one -- an evil dictator is in prison, and Iraqis have a voice in their own future.

This restaurant, in El Cajon, California, was one of the sites where Iraqis living in the U. S. could vote in the recent election. We drove by, a couple of days after the election, and took this picture. God bless them. May Iraq not only have elections, but may Iraqis be able to decide upon the claims of Christ, too.

You should be able to see a larger version of this photo, if you wish, by clicking on it. You can also get to all of our Flickr photos that way.

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April said...

Hey, stranger! I'm going to start blogging soon. I'm finally settled in at home and my new job! Hope to hear from you soon.

Mufana said...

So many soldiers have gone to Iraq to provide the people there with a temporary freedom. Some of these men and women gave there lives to provide a freedom that the Iraqi people will lose after there lives have passed. We should pray that many more soldiers would return to Iraqi and other Muslim countries to lead Muslim people to a freedom that is eternal. Pray for myself and others that believe that is the direction that God is leading our lives.

Martin LaBar said...

Will try to pray for you, Mufana.

Looking forward to reading about your life, April.

Thanks for reading.

Laura said...

My sister lives very close to El Cajon in Lakeside. Didn't realize you were that close to her.