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Monday, November 10, 2008

NASA's Phoenix Lander

NASA has announced that the Phoenix Lander has stopped communication with earth, at least for the time being, and perhaps for good. The mission, near a pole, took the lander to a position where there is little sunlight for part of the year, and the lander's batteries re-charge, using solar energy.

The mission was, as I understand it, principally to explore the possibility of life on Mars. So far, results are inconclusive.

Suppose life was discovered on Mars? I see nothing in the Bible that would rule out that possibility, or that predicts it, and no threat to my faith, whether life is discovered on Mars (or anywhere else but Earth) or not.

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Julana said...

I used to enjoy science fiction, when I was younger.
This story reminds me of Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet.

BruceA said...

Maybe the Martians found the Phoenix Lander first.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, julana and brucea.

Well, there's no sign of water-filled canals -- the science of Lewis's time, or a little before his time, thought that there might be. And (so far as we know) no Martians.

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You saw the video in transformers, the same thing for Mars Pathfinder...they exist!!!

Martin LaBar said...

Nov 13, 2008: Thanks, I think . . . who exists?