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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sunspots 184

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

(and relationships) "Seduction Instructions for the Flirt-Challenged" presents some good, even Biblical, advice for singles. How did I find the article? I am not making this up -- I had read an article on football, and saw this as a link from the page.

Wired has some photos of Mercury (the planet).

Wired reports that the Firefox browser (which I use) has achieved 20% share among Internet users.

Henry Neufeld on God speaking to us.

Image source (public domain)


Anonymous said...

Firefox is good, and I used to use it until its producers came out with Flock. It is better, and I commend it to you as a former user of Firefox
Blessings, Jason (your nephew Andrew's brother-in-law)

Julana said...

God told me not to vote for either one. :-) I really wanted to voted for Obama, but just couldn't, because of the pro-life issue.
I am proud of this country, the morning after. McCain gave a good concession speech. Crunchy Con links to the transcript.

Martin LaBar said...

Good to hear from you, PastorJasonNRBC. I may look at Flock.

Thanks, Julana. Neither of them was going to bring the millennium, prosperity, perfect justice, universal health care, and world peace, although some people seem to be expecting that of Obama. (And others would have expected it of McCain.)