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Monday, November 17, 2008

On the second law of Thermodynamics

If anyone is up for some fairly heavy, but important, reading, how about the Second Law of Thermodynamics? As that famous authority, Martin LaBar, said in his excellent web page, attempting to explain what that law is, and why it's important, scientifically, philosophically, and theologically, "If there are any scientific laws that have universal acceptance, and universal applicability, they are the laws of thermodynamics." (See here for the Wikipedia article on those laws.)

OK, forget the author's qualifications. However, that page was written and re-written over many years, and used as an introduction to the subject for non-science college students, and I think it's pretty good. I thank God that I was able to write it.

One reason that that Law is often invoked, wrongly, is that, every now and then, someone says that evolution is impossible, because it would violate the Second Law. By the same argument, namely that the Law prohibits complex entities coming from simple ones, you could prove that whoever wrote it is equally a violation, because he/she is a complex entity, made of trillions of cells, but coming from a relatively simple fertilized egg. The Second Law does not rule out the possibility of evolution.

The Law has to do with the resurrection, too. If you wish to, read the web page. More on this later, God willing.

Thanks for reading!

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