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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update on prayer request

I posted a prayer request a little over a week ago, concerning pain in my leg, and an MRI test I was to take. Thanks to anyone who may have prayed.

The MRI went fine, in spite of my claustrophobia. I was prescribed my first ever tranquilizer, and I took some, but I believe that having a towel/something over my eyes did the trick. So did prayer, no doubt.

I saw my doctor today, to hear about the results of the MRI. It indicates that I have a disk problem in my lower back, which is impinging on a nerve to my leg. I am to see a neurosurgeon soon. We'll see what he or she says. I don't look forward to surgery on my back any more than any normal person would, but it may be indicated. God help me. As always, I'm in His hands.

Thanks for your prayers and concern.


Julana said...

I'm glad your MRI went ok. A friend's child is having one in the morning.
Hope you don't need surgery. My dad is getting to that decision point.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Julana!