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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prayer request

I've been having some trouble with a leg -- nothing serious, probably, but I'm having trouble walking for exercise, for one thing. The doctor thinks it may be a nerve problem, and he's probably right. I'm to have an MRI in a couple of days, and I have trouble with claustrophobia, as I mentioned in my review of a book some months ago.

Thanks for reading, and praying.

P. S. We don't walk in malls much anymore. For one thing, we are home more than we used to be. For another, there is a town nearby with a good indoor track. So we use it, walk around the neighborhood, here at home, or in California, or -- dare I say it? -- walk in a Wal-Mart.


Barbara Martin said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

Advice for the MRI is to close your eyes after laying down and think of something completely different, i.e. a trip you took, a vacation, a movie you enjoyed. If it comes to where these don't work so well, count and focus on that.

In early May 2007 before I had my harrington rod reattached I underwent an MRI and I have a bit of claustrophobia. I ended up counting and that really helped. If you forget where you left off, start again and if necessary use your digits to keep the hundreds straight.

Best of luck, and your guardian angels will take excellent care of you. Just ask.

Now I'm going to take a short tour of your blog.

Julana said...

Hi Martin,
I hope they don't find anything serious. I'm not typically claustrophobic, but I don't like those MRI machines. I think closing your eyes and focusing on a set routine is a good idea, as Barbara said. Maybe a fixed prayer or a poem.
Sorry you're having trouble walking. Our WalMart has just gone the Super route. It's huge, almost overwhelming. I guess it would make a good work-out track, in extreme cold or heat.
Will pray for you.

Weekend Fisher said...

God bless you.

Anne / WF

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, everyone, for the advice and prayer.

The Wikipedia suggested covering my eyes, and I plan to do that. I splurged and got a CD player, which I hope to listen to.

Amy said...

I will certainly keep you in prayer! But I would also recommend Pete Egoscue's book, "Pain Free." I've had some amazing results from it, and at $10 on, it's worth a try :)

kim (myriorama) said...

will keep you in my prayers, Martin! hope you get good news.

Martin LaBar said...

Nov 13, 2008: Thanks, everyone, especially myriorama -- we are cyber-acquaintances of a few years now.

I may try that book.

I discovered, after purchasing a CD player, that the two nearest hospitals with MRIs don't allow it. Oh, well. I'm really dependent on God, anyway.